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We know as a beginner or a parent, taking on a musical instrument for yourself or your child can be a very big decision. Here are some of the common questions that we have received.





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For Parents

What would be a good age for my child to begin learning instruments?

I don't know if my child would be good in music, can your school help me find out?

How long will it take for my child to reach a certain level?

Do I need my own instrument in order to take lesson?

I'm a parent who doesn't have any music background, can your school assist me in purchasing a piano, violin, or guitar?

I currently own a portable/electronic piano, is that fine?

How often should my child practise?

I have a hard time getting my child to practise, are there any tips?

Noticing extraordinary talent in music or a highly motivated student?

Are your teachers qualified?



For Adults 

I took music lessons when I was young, can I still pick up?

Do I need to follow a lesson plan?

I don't have a piano at home, what can I do?

My schedule isn't fixed, what happens if I can't attend class every week at the given time?

How much practise will I need to learn a song?

How long usually will I learn a song?



For Examinations

What is the procedure for the RCM examination?

When are the usual exam dates?

Where are the RCM exam centres located?

How do I register?

How long are the exams?

How many examiners are in the exams?

How does the theory and history examination work?

Where can I find the songs that are required to play for the exam?

Do the songs needs to be memorized?

How can I practise ear training at home?